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Breast Implant Illness (BII)

Dear Patients, We would like to inform you here on the topic “Breast Implant Illness” (BII). Currently, we receive many inquiries from patients from all over Germany, who are looking for help.

What is BII and who is affected?

Currently, there is no clear medical evidence for the existence of this disease, as the relationship between the symptoms and the silicone implants could not be finally clarified. Nonetheless, more and more patients are reporting with complaints that have occurred after the implantation of silicone implants.

What symptoms can occur?

Overall, it concerns non-specific complaints such as u.a. Tiredness, headache, rash, nausea and palpitations. These are not reserved for the BII alone, but can have a variety of causes.

What treatment options are there?

In any case, before any surgical treatment is considered, various methods of examination must first be performed, such as blood tests, to clarify other causes that may be responsible for the symptoms. The BII remains an exclusion diagnosis. If these measures have already been taken unsuccessfully, there often remains the great suffering that pushes the patients to surgical therapy.

How is the procedure performed?

If all other disabling options are eliminated, the complete removal of the silicone implants can be done by surgery. Often there is a desire to balance the subsequently missing breast volume. We offer our patients the possibility to transplant autologous fat according to the BEAULI procedure in the same operative session.

What does “en bloc resection” mean?

Concerned that the symptoms may continue to persist, in addition to removing the implants, patients ask for removal of the capsule that has formed around the silicone implant. This concern is often based on the erroneous assumption that the biofilm created after implant placement, which is considered to be co-responsible for the condition, may remain in the capsule. The fact, however, is that biofilms only cover foreign bodies, in this case the silicone implants, not the capsule formed by the body.

In addition, the volume loss due to this more radical procedure is not negligible, so that the breast is smaller than before. In addition, due to the large wound surface, if desired, the rate of healing of the autologous fat is significantly reduced. Therefore, given that the capsule is absorbed by the body after removal of the implants, the en-bloc procedure does not seem necessary. If, on the basis of this knowledge, patients continue to desire this procedure, this procedure can, of course, be carried out.

What is  a capsular constracture and what causes the capsulare constructure in the body?

What does the forecast look like?

If it is a BII, the removal of the silicone implants will improve to complete symptom relief. However, as the symptoms are nonspecific and may also occur in patients without silicone implants, it is possible that the symptoms will persist even after the procedure. Currently it is not possible to estimate this already before an operational distance.

Surgery information

Surgery duration:
about 180 minutes
Price for implant removal:
Implants out:
Implants out and BEAULI:
Implants out, Beauli and tightening:
2.700 €
5.200 €
7.500 €
Without VAT, plus anesthesia
Price for implant removal en bloc:
en bloc:
en bloc + beauli:
en bloc + tightening:
en bloc + tightening + autolog. fat:
5.900 €
7.300 €
7.300 €
8.500 €
Without VAT, plus anesthesia
General anesthesia
1 night outpatient
After treatment:
Plasters remain for about 4 weeks, compression bra should be worn for 4 weeks, re-presentation after 10 days, no stringing needed

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