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Breast lift

Due to severe weight loss or pregnancy and breastfeeding, the female breast can lose shape and fullness over the years. Many women only find the shape unsatisfactory at this time and they start thinking about a breast lift.

It comes into question if you no longer feel good looking in the mirror and if you suffer from sagging, sagging breasts.

How quickly can I expect a result from a breast lift?

After a plastic-aesthetic operation, it often takes some time before the result is visible. If you have your chest tightened at the Park-Klinik Birkenwerder, however, you can count on an immediate sense of achievement: The excess skin is gone and a tighter line of the chest area can be seen even when possible swelling and bruises still have to subside.

How does the breast lift work?

Before the start of the operation, the surgeon measures the operating area and carefully marks the incision. During the breast lift, the nipple is pushed up and a vertical cut is made, possibly tapering to a small L. To tighten the breasts, the skin covering the breast is reshaped and the excess skin tissue is removed. Depending on the initial situation, an inner bra, formed from muscle fascia, ensures more dimensional stability.

The tightening can also be combined with an autologous fat transplant to achieve more fullness.

What complications can arise with a breast lift?

In addition to the general risks of any operation, such as bleeding, infection or annoying scarring, breast lifts can in some cases (2–10%) lead to an annoying reduction in the sensation of the nipples.

Do I need anesthesia for a breast lift and how long is the hospital stay?

The breast lift will be operated under general anesthesia. To do this, the necessary examinations must be carried out and the anesthesia discussed with the anesthetist no later than the day before your appointment. The hospital stay is one to two days. Getting up is allowed immediately after the operation, showering after the first dressing change on the second day.

After the operation at the Park-Klinik Birkenwerder, a firm bra is required for about 4 weeks. Sports can only be practiced with restrictions during this time. A downtime of around two weeks can be expected with normal progress.

Your doctor will discuss with you exactly what to look out for and when you can resume normal activities.

What costs do I have to expect from a breast lift?

The cost of a breast lift depends on the individual scope of services. For average prices, please refer to our price list


Surgery information

Surgery duration:
about 60 minutes
from 5600 €
incl. 19% VAT plus anesthesia
General anesthesia
1-2 nights stationary
After treatment:
Plasters remain for about 4 weeks, compression bra should be worn for 4 weeks, re-presentation after 10 days, no stringing needed

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