Brustvergrößerung und
Brustaufbau mit Eigenfett

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Autologous fat as a real alternative to silicone

Many women want a full, well-formed, naturally beautiful breast. However, you do not want to take unnecessary risks in order to fulfill this wish and you cannot imagine a life with a foreign body – i.e. an implant. These thoughts are right and important to stay happy and healthy in the long term. The good news is, it is possible to get a fuller, naturally-shaped breast. You don’t need a foreign body for this, just your own Fat.

How can this work? In the following we present the Beauli ™ method, with which we have been enlarging breasts with autologous fat for many years.

Autologous fat transplantation is a real alternative to silicone, both for breast augmentation and for recovery after surgery. The big advantage over silicone is the natural appearance and the lack of visible scars. In addition, the procedure is associated with significantly less effort.

For whom is a breast augmentation or a breast augmentation with autologous fat according to the BEAULI ™ method in question?

Breast augmentation or breast augmentation with autologous fat is ideal …

– for people with typical fat distribution disorders (excess fat in the lower
Half of body and small breast)
– after weight loss and permanent fat deposits in the abdominal area with emptier at the same time
– in the case of a small breast with an urgent desire for enlargement and aversion to it
Silicone implants
– in the case of capsular contracture due to implants
– if the breasts are asymmetrical after cancer treatment has been completed, for reconstruction

Requirements for breast augmentation with autologous fat:

– Normal to slightly overweight (BMI 20 – 30)
– Non-smokers (at least 10 days before the operation)

The procedure of breast reconstruction using autologous fat grafting

A preparatory examination with photo documentation, blood draw and clinical examination takes place approx. 1 week before the procedure. On the day of the operation, the areas for liposuction are marked in the morning. The operation takes place under twilight anesthesia or, if desired, under general anesthesia. At the end of the operation, the chest is protected with a cotton bandage and compression pants or a compression corset are put on for the suctioned areas. You can eat and drink again about 2 hours after the procedure.

In the next few days, the breasts are swollen and blue in some places, and stronger pain is not to be expected. The suctioned areas are more likely to be felt; the pain is usually described as sore muscles. The bruises and swelling will go away within the next three weeks; a compression girdle must be worn on the suctioned areas for four to six weeks.

The next presentation is usually three weeks after the operation and after another three months, then the final result is also available. However, there are no more major changes from the sixth week at the latest, around 80% of the permanent result is then achieved.

What does the name Beauli stand for?

BEAULI™ (pronounced ‘Bjoolee’) is the acronym of
Berlin Autologous Lipotransfer

Eigenfett (autologous fat)
AUfbau mit (reconstruction with)
LIpo (Lipo-transfer)

History of autologous fat transplantation

As early as 1893, the successful possibility of transplanting the body’s own fatty tissue was reported. Prof. Neuber (Kiel / Germany) found that this is successful with an even distribution of the smallest chunks of fat in healthy tissue. Unfortunately, these early findings were later disregarded and sometimes large amounts of fat were injected into a single site, so that the surgical results ranged from excellent success to failure, but in the worst case led to the formation of calcifications and oily cysts.

In the early 1980s, Dr. Sidney R. Coleman, a plastic surgeon in New York, developed a procedure with which fat cells can be gently harvested and transplanted. He has thus created the basis for a successful transplantation of fat cells. This procedure has also been used routinely in our department since 1999 for the transplantation of smaller amounts of fat, which mainly occurs on the face.

In March 2007, Dr. Coleman published a study on the results of breast augmentation with transplanted autologous fat in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal, the world’s leading journal for plastic surgery. These are studies that were carried out several years after the adipose tissue transplantation and show lasting success. As a result, further publications (Illouz / Delay from France) over many years of experience with fat transplantation have confirmed the very positive results.

The big problem with this classic transplantation of small lumps of fat was the previously very laborious and tedious extraction of the fat. With this procedure, breast augmentation took several hours.

In the Park-Klinik Birkenwerder near Berlin we are further today: for breast enlargement and breast augmentation with autologous fat, we use a particularly gentle and effective method to obtain fat cells, the globally successful BEAULI ™ method that we developed . With this method, breast enlargement is achieved in 1 hour.

Stammzellgewinnung im Labor

Surgery information

Surgery duration:
about 60 minutes
1st treatment 3900 €
any further treatment 1900 €
incl. 19% VAT plus anesthesia
Twilight sleep or general anesthesia
After treatment:
Wadding 3-5 days, patch and compression wash remain 4 weeks, showers after 2 days possible, light sports after about 2 weeks possible, no stringing necessary

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Research and science

We have been using autologous fat transplantation in our clinic since 2008. Essential steps towards the development of a suitable liposuction procedure were developed in cooperation with the Schwerin-based company Human med in our operating theaters. The water jet assisted liposuction, called WAL for short, has meanwhile experienced a worldwide spread.

Right from the start, the new technology was accompanied by clinical studies and examinations. The first publication in a scientific newspaper appeared in 2010. It was followed by numerous articles. Here are just a few to read:

Two doctoral theses were written on the subject of autologous fat transplantation, which deal with the durability of the result: link to Kasia’s publication Due to the strong demand for training and further education in this area, an academy has been set up in the Park Clinic, which annually hosts an international symposium on the Subject autologous fat transplantation. In addition, throughout the year, international specialists are regularly visiting our house to learn from us.

What are the complications that can occur in breast reconstruction using autologous fat grafting?

A small part of the fat cells will not survive the transplant and will be reabsorbed by the body. During the first evaluation of our MRI images (magnetic resonance) before the operation and after six months, we were able to show that an average of 76% of the fat transplanted with the BEAULI method heals.

The main risk of breast enlargement using autologous fat is seen in the melting of fat cells that have not healed, resulting in oily cysts, whereby a large number of fat cells clump together and the body can no longer remove them. Thanks to the BEAULI technique of fine distribution in the tissue, we at the Park Clinic Birkenwerder near Berlin can largely avoid this problem.

In a study from the USA, in follow-up examinations two years after the fat transplantation (but using a different method), minor calcifications were reported in three to four percent of 70 patients, which were clearly benign on mammography. In rare cases, inflammation can occur (immediately after the operation), which is usually controlled by antibiotics. Abscess formation and the need for surgical therapy are only to be expected in extremely unfavorable cases.

Why does one read so much contradictory information about breast reconstruction using autologous fat grafting?

Fat injections have been and are still performed without proper attention being paid to the correct handling of fat cells. Sometimes the fat collected in conventional liposuction is directly injected into the breasts through large cannula. Thus, a large part of cells are dying and they subsequently lose their content (oil). In the case of larger fat lumps, the oil that has merged is no longer metabolized in the body, but secreted within its surrounding tissue. This tissue can later calcify and become visible on x-ray images as an oil cyst. If calcifications are numerous, the whole breast can harden. This is why we have given our method its genuine name in order to clearly differentiate it from other procedures.

What are the costs of breast augmentation using autologous fat grafting?

The costs for breast reconstruction and breast augmentation using autologous fat grafting depend on the individual scope of services. For average prices, please refer to our price list.

What experiences have the patients had?

BEAULI Breast Testimonial
  • The best decision – In January I went to the Park Clinic Birkenwerder for autologous fat treatment using the Beauli method and I am more than satisfied with the result. The decision to enlarge it was easy for me after two pregnancies and an asymmetry of the breasts. …
The best decision – In January I went to the Park Clinic Birkenwerder for autologous fat treatment using the Beauli method and I am more than satisfied with the result. The decision to enlarge it was easy for me after two pregnancies and an asymmetry of the breasts. …

I decided on this method after a very nice and informative telephone consultation with ***.
I soon had an appointment. A preliminary discussion and follow-up were planned for 3 days. On the 1st day I had an information meeting, a blood sample and the preparatory meeting with the anesthetist and ***. I felt very well informed and in the best of hands. On the day of the operation, I was warmly welcomed in the clinic. I felt at home straight away and was given a nice, bright room. Then I was prepared for the operation. The entire team around the operating theater was in a good mood and very friendly, so that I hardly felt any concerns or fear. The aftercare was also great and I felt very well taken care of.
I could only guess at the result because I was wrapped in cotton wool. But when I saw it a few hours later, I immediately thought that I definitely don’t need a second filling. During the briefing, I was told that the final result will only be visible after 3 months. As the swelling is still going down and some fat cells are not growing. After 4 months I am very satisfied, but I have now decided for a second time in order to achieve an even more perfect result.
I highly recommend this clinic and breast augmentation procedure. The pain is very slight and the
Puncture points are no longer visible. The result is very natural. The only thing you have to accept is the pantyhose and the associated sore muscles in the suctioned areas and then sleeping on your back. But this is very bearable. Thanks to the great team at Park-Klinik Birkenwerder! I will gladly come again!

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Who is breast augmentation for?
with autologous fat in question?

How does breast fat transfer work?

The BEAULI method – of course,
permanent and without side effects

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