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The nose is a very important organ and determines very much our appearance and thus our well-being. It dominates the face and can strongly influence one’s self-esteem with a conspicuous shape and size.

Decisive in the nose surgery is that apart from the aesthetics also on the functionality great value must be put. Therefore, nasal surgery is a very sensitive topic and requires the surgeon to have a high level of experience and a great sense of the aesthetics of the entire face. The aim of the nose surgery is to make each individual patient a very individual, harmonious to the personal face structures appropriate change. The nose should finally look natural and not operated.

How does a nose correction work?

Basically, a series of examinations and discussions takes place before each surgical procedure. An individual operation plan is created based on the patient’s wishes and surgical options. In order to show the patient the result of the operation in advance, we create a computer simulation of the expected result. In this way, the patient can be pictorially shown how the change in the nose appears. It is important to us that the nose fits aesthetically and harmoniously to the overall picture of the face. In the preliminary discussion all ambiguities are eliminated and all questions answered in detail. We want to create trust and reduce fears.

Which surgical techniques are used?

There are two techniques of nose correction:

  • closed technology, while the nose is corrected through the nasal passages
  • open technology, it is operated on a tiny cut on the nose bridge

We carry out mostly open nose corrections, as this technique ensures a better overview.

Will the nasal septum be corrected as well?

With any aesthetic rhinoplasty, it is imperative that a correction of the nasal septum be made, since it forms part of the outer nasal shape.

Can I get a tamponade in my nose?

We use a surgical technique, which can be dispensed with a tamponade or insert of silicone rails in the nose. The patient can breathe through the nose immediately after surgery.

How is a nasal bump removed?

Smaller bumps are removed with the file and rasp, larger bumps are removed in several steps controlled. The nose already appears smaller and longer by the removal of the hump alone, so that the nose tip has to be shortened and relocated to harmonize the appearance. The open surgical method ensures that no so-called “parrot-beak nose” occurs later, as the tip of the nose can be optimally fixed in the new position.

How to achieve a straightening of the nose?

In the bony and cartilaginous crooked nose, the entire scaffold of the nose – including the nasal septum – must be mobilized. Afterwards, immobilization by rail (aluminum rail, thermo-elastic material, gypsum) must be ensured for at least two weeks. Our patients receive a “roadmap” to post-operative behavior prior to surgery.

Do I have a lot of pain?

We use a surgical method and use medication during the operation to make painful conditions bearable. However, this always depends on the individual sensitivities.

What is the healing process?

After a week, the external nasal bandage is changed and the outer sutures are removed. The sutures in the nose do not need to be removed as they dissolve themselves. Then a special scar cream is applied twice a day to the small wound on the nose bridge, so that after 6 weeks there is only a fine white line to be seen.

After two weeks, the nasal dressing is finally removed and the patient is socially acceptable again. In the first few weeks, there is always an alternating swelling, especially in the nasal tip area. The final result of the nose correction is reached after 6 – 12 months.

How often is a second procedure necessary?

In about 5 – 10% a reoperation is necessary even with very experienced nose surgeons. However, this is not causally related to a lack of surgical technique, but depends on individual factors.

How much does a nose job cost?

The cost of a nose job depends on the effort and difficulty of the operation. The exact costs you receive on the basis of a cost estimate after the consultation.

Health insurance companies do not cover the costs for a cosmetic / aesthetic rhinoplasty. If there is also a functional respiratory problem of the nose, it may be possible that health insurances take over a certain share.

Surgery information

Surgery duration:
about 90 – 180 minutes
about 4500 €
incl. 19% VAT plus anesthesia
General anesthesia
After treatment:
Outer nasal banding remains 1 week. Cooling with green tea-soaked compresses. No cool packs. Reminder for the thread removal after 1 week. Swelling stops after 5 days. Renewed after 2 weeks, 1 and 3 months.

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