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Wrinkle treatment with autologous fat

Wrinkle treatment using autologous fat (lipofilling) is very well suited to refill fat depots in the face and to give your face again a youthful and more vital expression.

The treatment using autologous fat has been used routinely at Park-Klink Birkenwerder/Berlin for injections to fill lines and folds since 1999. The advantage of this procedure is that the body’s own fat is used and that no artificial substances are injected. This procedure is very well suited to fill even deep folds between nose and mouth. If the autologous fat grows on well, it lasts a lifetime and may improve the skin quality considerably.

Wrinkle treatment using autologous fat

In order to treat wrinkles and lines using autologous fat, small quantities of fat are aspired with a thin cannula at a site with superfluous reserves (e.g. at the lower abdomen or thighs/inner sides of the knees) under local anaesthesia and then injected into the desired area of the face.

What is the advantage of wrinkle treatment using autologous fat over other methods?

We use your own body fat and do not inject any artificial substances. Another benefit of lipofilling is that the fat stays on site once it has grown on.

What areas are well suited for lipofilling?

Areas that can be filled with hyaluronic acid are also eligible for lipofilling.

What complications can arise from a wrinkle treatment using autologous fat?

Swelling and bruising (haematoma) can occur. In very rare cases there is the possibility of inflammation. After surgery, about 30% of the grafted fat is absorbed by the body. This is why treatment might have to be repeated.

Do I need anaesthesia for wrinkle treatment with autologous fat and how long do I need to stay in hospital?

The injection of autologous fat can be done in an in-office procedure under local anaesthesia or, on request, also under twilight anaesthesia (in the latter case, please schedule at least 2 hours wake-up time after surgery).

What are the expected costs of wrinkle treatment with autologous fat?

The costs for wrinkle treatments using autologous fat depend on the individual scope of services. In a personal consultation, our doctors will detail the exact costs for you, which vary according to quantity and area of application. For average prices, please refer to our price list.

Surgery information

Mini wrinkle treatment

Surgery duration:
about 45 minutes
local anesthesia
1.600 €
incl. 19% VAT

Wrinkle treatment

Surgery duration:
about 45 minutes
General anesthesia
1st treatment:
2nd treatment:
2.650 €
2.300 €
incl. 19% VAT plus general anesthesia
After treatment:

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