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Wrinkle treatment with autologous PRP plasma therapy

Of course nice by own blood (Vampire lift or Dracula therapy)

At the Park Clinic in Birkenwerder near Berlin we offer self-blood PRP plasma therapy for the treatment of wrinkles. It is a natural method of biostimulating skin cells and reducing wrinkles. As part of the therapy, a highly concentrated plasma is recovered from the own blood and injected back into the skin. It is called “Platelet Rich Plasma” or PRP for short

The focus is on the body’s own regeneration through the administration of very valuable substances from their own blood, which is why the treatment is also called vampire lift or dracula therapy.

The trend toward naturalness lends this therapy a particularly high status, as it achieves amazingly successful results in a biological manner.

Why autologous PRP plasma therapy (vampire lift or dracula therapy)

With the self-blood PRP plasma therapy, you use a completely natural way of regenerating the facial skin, around the eyes, around the neck, on the décolleté and the hands. Throughout the body, self-blood PRP plasma therapy can tighten the skin, improve scars, and heal acute and chronic wounds more quickly. PRP, platelet-rich plasma, contains highly concentrated growth factors responsible for cell regeneration and skin renewal. Study data prove its efficacy in terms of production of endogenous hyaluronic acid, proliferation of collagen fibers and the reduction of wrinkles and their depth.

The effect: youthful fresher, smoother and tighter skin.

Who benefits from this treatment?

Those who want to take a preventative action against the aging of the skin in a very natural way, and want to maintain the “actual state” for many years, should have a PRP treatment done. Even those who are already suffering from skin aging and want to alleviate existing wrinkles in a biological and gentle way and to improve the appearance of the skin for a PRP treatment is interesting. Areas affected by greater volume loss may be treated in a combination treatment with hyaluronic acid.

What can I expect and how is the treatment process?

At the agreed time, blood is collected, the blood is reprocessed with centrifugation and filtration, and then the immediate introduction of the autologous blood PRP plasma directly into the skin. These microinjections are done with a tiny cannula at a distance of about 1 cm. After treatment, an active-enhancing mask is applied to the treated area. The skin should not be washed on the same day. Allergic reactions or stronger side effects are not to be expected, since it concerns the own blood.

To enhance the biostimulation of the skin, the autologous PRP treatment may be combined with a medical needling and / or the addition of hyaluronic acid.

How many treatments are needed and how long will the effect last?

3-4 treatments at monthly intervals are recommended. The effect lasts about 12-18 months and should be refreshed every year with one to two treatments.

What is the cost of autologous PRP plasma therapy?

The costs for wrinkle treatments using autologous fat depend on the individual scope of services. In a personal consultation, our doctors will detail the exact costs for you, which vary according to quantity and area of application. For average prices, please refer to our price list.

Is the treatment painful and are there side effects?

No, the application of an anesthetic seal to the skin can treat very sensitive patients very gently and painlessly. Since the treatment uses only one of the body’s own extract from the blood, there are no intolerances. You will notice the increased blood flow immediately after the treatment and redness of the face is likely. By applying a mask / cream we reduce these side effects.

What and who can be treated?

The autologous PRP plasma treatment is equally suitable for women and men and is feasible from the age of 18 years

  • Wrinkle treatment and firming of the skin on the face, neck and décolleté area as well as on the hands
  • scar treatment
  • wound healing
  • hair Thickening

A large number of scientific publications prove the ability of autologous PRP plasma to accelerate the body’s self-healing processes and thus to stimulate the regeneration of new cells and cells.

PRP in case of hair loss?

The effect of cell regeneration, collagen synthesis and renewal of hair follicles occurs through PRP therapy. After the injection into the scalp, the stem cells in the hair root are stimulated, and additionally lead to an increase in blood flow.

The PRP therapy in case of hair loss is performed about 6 times every 3 weeks. These effects have been demonstrated in studies with an 80% efficacy. Improvement of hair growth of about 15%.

Surgery information

Surgery duration:
about 45 minutes
from 400 €
incl. 19% VAT.

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