Breast augmentation with implants (mammary augmentation)

Brustvergrößerung mit Implantaten

A breast augmentation with implants (mammary augmentation) can restore the original breast size and can also fulfil the wish for firmer and larger breasts.

Reasons for breast augmentations are many and varied: Often, women are driven by the wish to have a more youthful and fuller breast shape, especially once the breasts’ volume and shape have changed due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or the process of aging. In most cases, there is a disparity between the breast size that is considered to be aesthetic and the actual breast volume.

A breast augmentation at the Park-Klinik Birkenwerder/Berlin can make the dream of a fuller bust come true and it can also balance asymmetric breasts. The »ideal« breast shape, as we know it from actresses and models, is by nature just as rare as ‘normal’ breasts. There are many different shapes that vary by breadth of bosom, the height, colour and size of nipples, the distance between the breasts, their weight, and skin structure.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a personal consultation. Our surgeons will review, explain in detail, and discuss your options regarding »breast augmentation« at Park-Klinik Birkenwerder/Berlin.

Which implants can be used in breast augmentation?

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Implants can have the shape of a teardrop (‘anatomic’) or can be round. In total, several dozens of shapes and sizes are available for breast augmentations. At the Park-Klinik Birkenwerder/Berlin, we will pre-select those together with you during a comprehensive consultation. However, the size and shape can be determined even more precisely by fitting trial implants during the operation, because it is only during the intervention that, for example, the individual muscle anatomy becomes visible. As we have a very large number of implants on stock, we can make that additional effort. We mainly use implants manufactured by Polytech company in Germany.

What is the ideal implant position in breast augmentation?

An implant can be inserted (1) above the breast muscle, (2) between muscles and ribs, and (3) partially above and partially below the muscle (‘dual plane’). This does not depend on the surgeon’s preferences (‘I have always done it that way’), but on the patient’s individual anatomy.

  1. Can be performed in sufficiently firm mammary gland tissue. It is a fast surgical intervention that causes little pain, but, over time, can lead to over-stretching and rippling of the skin, the latter particularly when bending forwards.
  2. Is the preferred option in very young and very slim women, with firm and very tight and small breasts. It requires regular use of painkillers for 2 days (in-office treatment).
  3. To be performed after breastfeeding, in slightly sagging breasts with very high breast fold. It is a complex procedure, but offers best and most natural results. Pain as under (2).

What kind of incision is performed in breast augmentation?

Common incisions performed in breast surgery are in the armpit, at the lower rim of the aerola or in the lower breast fold. The more complex interventions of the dual plane procedure have to be performed in a surgically precise manner under visual control. Here, the areola and the lower breast fold are the only possible means of access – and it is up to you to decide.

When is a breast lift required in breast augmentation procedures?

In cases of excess skin, a simultaneous breast lift is usually required during breast augmentation. This can only be determined in a physical examination at Park-Klinik Birkenwerder/Berlin.

How long does an implant last?

“Modern implants will last a lifetime” – unfortunately this is what we hear again and again, also from physicians. But what are ‘modern’ implants? The ones that have been implanted within the last ten years. How long is a lifetime? For women, it has reached 86 years on average. Most implants are inserted in women aged 20 to 35 and should therefore last for another fifty to sixty years. However, we have only known implants for approximately ten years. Implant durability is more a question of endogenous defence against the material.

What are the signs of a capsular contracture?

The breast gets harder and harder and the implant is more palpable. The shape is distorting increasingly. In rare cases (1-2%), these changes happen at an early stage, in most cases they take many years to develop. In principal, a capsular contracture will always happen at some stage, no implant will last forever.

What about breastfeeding after breast augmentation?

Breastfeeding after breast surgery is possible and not restricted in any way. No traces of silicone were detected in the breast milk of implant carriers.

What are the complications that can occur after breast augmentation?

Apart from the general risks of any kind of surgery (postoperative bleeding, infections or disturbing scarring, a capsular contracture can occur in some cases of breast implants (2-10%).

In these cases, the tissue produced by the body to cover the implant is shrinking so that the implant is pressed together like a balloon and starts to feel hard. This can happen at any time after surgery. In such cases, only a further surgical intervention will help. In Germany, implants are usually exchanged after 10 years. Should a removal become necessary, we suggest to → switch to autologous fat grafting.

Important things to know -after breast augmentation

After a breast augmentation at Park-Klinik Birkenwerder/Berlin, you will have to wear a sports bra (which is included in our offer) for approximately 4 weeks. After the second week, you can slowly start to take up your sports activities. You will have to stay at hospital for 1-2 days. You can get up immediately after surgery, and take showers after the first change of dressing on day 2. In any case, you should plan to take two weeks off for your breast augmentation.

What are the expected costs of a breast augmentation?

The costs for breast augmentation depend on the individual scope of services. For average prices, please refer to our price list.

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