With enormous willpower and discipline and / or with the help of a stomach balloon or other means, it has finally been possible to reduce a lot of weight and thus enjoy an active and healthier life. Exercise, a healthy lifestyle and careful handling of the body as a whole often do not lead to a beautiful body silhouette that corresponds to the new attitude towards life. In these cases, a body lift can help.

The bodylift is a tightening of the entire skin that surrounds the middle of the body. This means that both the abdomen and the back are freed from annoying, overhanging skin during the body lift, and the body contour is restored. A body lift is necessary if, after extreme weight loss, too much damage is left because the skin is overstretched and therefore unnecessary.

It is often not enough to correct the front of the body in the sense of a tummy tuck because the excess skin also affects the back, flanks and upper buttocks. Typically, the bottom is flattened in the upper part and the desired projection has disappeared. With the bodylift we can not only remove superfluous skin. By cleverly redistributing the existing, but “incorrectly” positioned soft tissue pads, a curvy, appealing silhouette can emerge.

Can a body lift also make sense during the weight loss phase?

No, the body lift is at the very end of weight loss. First of all, the skin areas that still have sufficient elastic fibers must contract. We only remove what cannot regenerate itself. This only comes to an end point after about half a year with a stable final weight. Then we can safely estimate the extent of the resection and plan the procedure.

How does an intervention work?

On the day of surgery, the drawing is made on the standing person. This is the most important step before the operation. When lying down, everything looks different again, and only with precisely defined lines that we draw in can we remove the right thing later when lying down.

During the operation, the body is operated once on the back, then again on the stomach. The procedure usually takes several hours.

What is the course of the scar?

If there is a moderate excess of skin, a horizontal scar on the lower abdomen is sufficient. Since the navel is almost always displaced, there is also a practically invisible scar around the navel. If there is a lot of excess skin in the middle of the abdomen, we sometimes need a vertical scar. On the back, the scar runs as curved lines above the pos.

Is the bottom also lifted during the operation?

Yes, the butt is often changed in its proportions after an enormous weight reduction. That is, the abundance accumulates at the bottom and the bottom is empty. We use the lower abundance by shifting it upwards and thereby achieving a nice rounding. As a positive side effect, we also achieve an increase in the outer thigh skin.

What complications can occur with a body lift?

In addition to the general complications after surgical interventions such as rebleeding, infection, wound healing disorders, thrombosis or embolism – especially in smokers – there may be a circulatory disorder in the tissue at the wound edges or in the area of the navel. A long healing process can be the result of this. Furthermore, widened scars or other scar complications can occur.

Do I need compression treatment?

Yes, compression garments are put on immediately after the operation in the operating room. This prevents lymph congestion and swelling. The laundry must be worn consistently for two weeks during the day and then for several weeks during the day. Sport is not possible for about two weeks and can then be started again slowly.

What experiences have the patients had?

… I had previously lost so much weight that I had a curtain around my entire body. Now I am literally relieved of the burden. I can buy standard dress sizes and don't have to stuff anything in anywhere. The absolutely right step. The clinic is great, everything is very professional and you get the impression that everyone is very competent.

What are the costs for the bodylift?

The costs depend on the individual range of services. For average prices, please see ourprice list.

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