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Skin changes in color and structure are particularly noticeable on the face, but also on other parts of the body such as the neck and décolleté. The spectrum ranges from small “café-au-lait” spots, acne, sun damage and congenital benign times to malignant tumors (eg basaliomas, melanomas) with deep foothills.

Various benign, but disturbing lesions can be found in Park-Klinik Birkenwerder near Berlin be treated surgically with little effort. Insecure or malignant lesions must be removed, as they can be life-threatening with increasing size and later therapy.

Not every birthmark is a cause for concern and not every mole is harmless. However, to reliably distinguish between benign and malignant lesions is almost impossible for the layman. For the exact distinction between harmless, cosmetically disturbing and therapy-requiring serious changes of the skin we therefore recommend in any case the consultation of a trained specialist.

For detailed and individual information on the topic of “skin changes”, we stand in the Park-Klinik Birkenwerder near Berlin in personal consultation gladly available.

How do I treat acne?

In cases of persistent acute acne, conservative (non-operative) treatment by means of special peeling methods (“peeling”) is most likely to be considered, possibly in combination with the administration of specific medications. More information can be found on our Peeling page under Treatment / Face.

On request, we recommend corresponding beauty institutes. Once the acne has healed and there are scars or pigmentation problems, they can be improved or removed with laser therapy.

What to do for skin changes such as pigmentation and liver spots?

Brownish discolouration (melasma) can be caused by sun damage, occasionally by taking the “pill” and, like innate pigment disorders (“café-au-lait” spots), in many cases treated by laser therapy.

Congenital or over time formed liver spots (nevus, fibroma) can be safely assessed in the Park-Klinik Birkenwerder near Berlin are also removed with the laser, in case of doubtful changes, a surgical removal with a scalpel and a subsequent tissue examination is advisable to guarantee complete removal.

How are unsafe or malignant lesions treated?

Skin ulcers (“basaliomas”, “squamous cell carcinomas”), which may occur after years of exposure to the sun on the face or décolleté, must be surgically removed as these lesions continue to grow in depth with increasing size, destroying tissue and on can degenerate.

Black, irregular-shaped skin lesions that bleed easily in some cases must always be surgically removed early, since this can be the so-called black skin cancer (melanoma), which can be life-threatening with increasing size and later therapy. Also in this case, only removal by excision is an option, since a tissue examination must also be carried out in this case.

What costs do I have to expect in the treatment of skin changes and what does the health insurance fund take over?

The costs for the treatment of skin changes depend on the individual scope of services. Average prices can be found in our price list.

The correction of scars, which are strongly disfiguring or impair the function of a body part, is taken over by the health insurance.

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