Laser skin resurfacing


Laser devices have opened up completely new possibilities in the treatment of skin changes. The number of suitable medical devices has multiplied in the last ten years, so that now therapy options for the most diverse skin changes are available.

Laser treatments are gentle and meet the high demands on modern and aesthetically satisfactory treatment methods. Properly applied, the laser can be an alternative to other procedures, but often its effective complement. So we can in the park-Klink Birkenwerder near Berlin with superficially acting lasers ablate thin skin layers and, for. Smooth wrinkles or treat vascular changes (such as blood sponges) with lower-powered lasers.

The application spectrum of laser treatments is wide:

  • Benign lesions, e.g. Liver spots (nevi), fibroids
  • Facial wrinkles, especially perioral (mouth area)
  • Scars (acne scars, pigmented scars)
  • Tattoos and skin pigmentations
  • Vascular changes such as sponges (hemangiomas), spider nevi

For detailed and individual information on the topic »laser treatment«, we stand in the Park-Klinik Birkenwerder near Berlin in personal consultation gladly available.

What is called laser?

The word laser is an abbreviation for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.

How does a laser treatment of the skin work?

Laser is the physical generation of a very high-energy light radiation. Different types of this laser light can be generated with different devices, which in their effect on the skin and the underlying tissue z.T. strongly different.

Do I need anesthesia?

In most cases, the laser treatment of the skin is well tolerated without any anesthesia or with only local anesthesia and can therefore be used on an outpatient basis in the Park Clinic Birkenwerder near Berlin. Excessive erosion (for example, in the facial area) or warts that reach deep into the lower layers of the skin may require anesthesia.

What complications can occur with a laser treatment of the skin?

As with other surgeries, there is a risk that the desired permanent success will fail and, e.g. Hair, warts or moles occur again. Frequently, following the laser treatment, a lasting reddening and / or swelling of the treated area occurs. Sometimes there is a temporary, in rare cases, a permanent discoloration or discoloration of the skin.

What costs do I have to pay for a laser treatment of the skin and what does the health insurance fund take over?

The cost depends on the number, duration and effort of the applications and can only be determined in a personal interview. Average prices can be found in our price list. In most (cosmetic) cases, a takeover by the health insurance is not possible.

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