Mummy Makeover

Mummy Makeover

The baby is here and you are overjoyed. You have already started sports again, have a healthy lifestyle and mindful treatment of the body as a whole. However, sport, good nutrition and discipline often do not lead to a beautiful body silhouette that corresponds to the lifestyle after the birth of a child. The reason for this is skin damaged by overstretching. In the area of the breast, breastfeeding also makes the breast look empty and limp. In these cases, a mummy makeover can help.

The Mummy Makeover is a combination of abdominal and breast correction. The skin on the abdomen is tightened. This means that annoying, overhanging skin is freed from the belly and the body contour is restored. The breast is either tightened and the disruptive excess of skin is removed, or the skin coat is used as a bed for autologous fat and the breast is refilled. In rare cases, the empty breast can also be filled with implants.

Can the stomach and chest be corrected at the same time with the mummy makeover?

Yes, that makes sense, as you will not be able to fail for long and two interventions will also mean two failures. Depending on how extensively the correction is planned, it may make sense to correct it in two steps.

Does the navel on the belly always have to be moved?

Depending on how large the excess of skin is, you can either only do a so-called mini abdominoplasty, in which it is tightened only in the lower abdomen. The navel does not have to be moved. However, if the damage to the skin is extensive and a small umbilical hernia has occurred, it is advisable to correct the navel and to reinsert it in the tightened abdominal skin.

What is the course of the scars on the stomach?

If there is a moderate excess of skin, a horizontal scar on the lower abdomen is sufficient. When the navel is moved, there is also a practically invisible scar around the navel. If there is a lot of excess skin in the middle of the abdomen, we sometimes need a vertical scar.

Are there always scars on the chest?

No. If the breast is only empty but not completely relaxed, then it is sufficient to fill the breast with your own fat. The advantage of this method is that annoying fat deposits can be removed at the same time. More information can be found under Beauli (link to autologous fat chest).

If the breast is completely relaxed, then it makes sense to tighten it, then there is an almost invisible scar around the nipple and along the lower breast, i.e. a so-called lollipop scar.

What complications can occur with a Mummy Makeover?

In addition to the general complications after surgical interventions such as rebleeding, infection, wound healing disorders, thrombosis or embolism – especially in smokers – there may be a circulatory disorder in the tissue at the wound edges or in the area of the navel. A long healing process can be the result of this.

Furthermore, widened scars or other scar complications can occur. Transplanted fat does not grow in smokers. A breast filling is unfortunately not possible.

Do I need compression treatment?

Yes, compression garments are put on immediately after the operation in the operating room. This prevents lymph congestion and swelling. The laundry must be worn consistently for two weeks during the day and then for several weeks during the day. Sport is not possible for about two weeks and can then be started again slowly.

What costs can I expect with a mummy makeover?

The costs depend on the individual scope of services. Please refer to ourprice list for average prices.

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