Labiaplasty and Labial Reduction


The inner labia are usually not visible from the outside as they are covered by the outer labia. In enlarged labia minora (hypertrophy) due to individual predisposition, or as a consequence of childbirths or of tissue sagging, these exceed the outer labia and can lead to aesthetic or functional disorders.

This can result in hygiene problems and annoying discomfort when wearing tight trousers, thongs or bikinis or when jogging, cycling or horseback riding. It can also lead to constraints in sexual intercourse.

Labial reduction is also one of the most common interventions of female genital plastic surgery at Park-Klink Birkenwerder/Berlin. An initial medical examination determines how much is to be removed and whether skin should also be removed from the clitoris. The operation is usually unproblematic and ensuing scars are hardly visible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a personal consultation. Our surgeons will review, explain in detail, and discuss your options regarding »labiaplasty« at Park-Klinik Birkenwerder/Berlin.

The labiaplasty procedure

The tissue that is considered to be “excess”, i.e. usually the part of the inner labia that is visible from the outside, is removed. At the end of the procedure, the wound is sutured with absorbable sutures. For a natural result, it is important to have a sufficiently elongated incision.

How long does labiaplasty take?

The surgical intervention takes approximately 45 minutes.

What are the complications that can occur in labiaplasty?

In labiaplasty, surgery is performed in an area colonized by bacteria. This is why infections can occur. Furthermore, if the shrinking of the scar is not sufficiently taken into account during surgery, feelings of pain and tension might be the consequence. This is disturbing for the patient, amongst other things during sexual intercourse. Somatosensory disorders can also develop. However, these complications are, all in all, very rare.

Do I need general anaesthesia for a labiaplasty and how long do I have to stay in hospital?

Do not hesitate to ask us for a sedative pill before labial reduction. It takes away your nervousness and anxiety and allows you to follow the intervention in a semi-somnolent state. Local anaesthesia is done with a cannula that is injected in each of the labia. You will hardly feel the injection.

Should you prefer a state of deep sleep for your operation, you can also undergo surgery under general anaesthesia. For this, some necessary examinations will have to be performed und you will discuss the anaesthesia with our anaesthetist the day before the intervention at the latest. Please bear in mind that general anaesthesia always bears its own additional risks. We advise you to plan a one-night stay at our Park-Klink Birkenwerder/Berlin after surgery, but it is also possible to undergo this kind of operation as in-office procedure.

Important information – after labiaplasty

The complete healing usually takes approximately 4 weeks. A properly performed intervention without complications will not cause any functional or sensory disorders. We recommend that you wear sanitary towels with disinfecting ointment. These (normal) sanitary towels will have to be changed several times per day. Regular showers are advisable but you should preferably not take any baths.

What experiences have the patients had?

... Whether riding a bike, in tight jeans or of course during sexual intercourse, too much skin got in the way. After a lot of research, I found out that you can simply “cut off” the excess skin. Now I just had to find the right doctor for it. I didn't want to look in the neighborhood, who knows who you might meet.

And so I got carried away by the good ratings of the Park Clinic Birkenwerder and the intimate surgery membership of Dr. Let Tanzella convince you and arrange a consultation. In this conversation, everything was explained to me in detail, what exactly is to be done, what do I have to consider afterwards, when will everything work again. In addition to reducing the size of the inner labia, I was also recommended to inject some of my own fat into the outer labia to get a nicer overall result.

Luckily my desired date was still free and so it started soon. The operation was performed under local anesthesia, which means that I received a small injection directly into the inner labia, which was no more uncomfortable than the pok at the dentist. The fat was sucked out of my inner thighs, where a local anesthetic was introduced beforehand. The suction was a little uncomfortable, but bearable. There was no sign of cutting the labia.

Stitching up the wounds felt strange and injecting fat into the outer labia was a little tight. The operation took about 45 minutes. After that I could go straight home. I had to diligently wear bandages with a disinfecting ointment for the next few days so that nothing got infected. I took painkillers for the first two days. I also received a note with the most important information after the operation. Of course I was curious about the result. After a good week everything had gone down and I could move normally. Cycling and intimacy were fully feasible after three weeks. I could optionally attend a check-up appointment at the clinic. When I went to the gynecologist six weeks after the operation, the doctor didn't notice anything. I smiled to myself and enjoy the new freedom every day.

What are the expected costs of labiaplasty?

The costs for labiaplasty or labial reduction depend on the individual scope of services. For average prices, please refer to our price list.

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