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Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) can strongly impede the social life of affected persons. Sweat gland suction is a relatively recent medical procedure that is used successfully in hyperhidrosis. It can significantly and sustainably reduce the amount of sweat produced.

Whereas normal sweating is a natural and important body function, hyperhidrosis impairs the quality of life of affected persons. Their bodies uncontrollably produce an excessive amount of sweat and this sweat production is independent of surrounding cold or heat or of time of day or year.

Stress is often considered to be the cause of hyperhidrosis but unfortunately successful stress management does not always lead to decreased sweat secretion. The efficacy of muscle relaxants only lasts for half a year up to a year and only the removal of sweat glands in the armpits through suction or excision offers a lasting solution for increased sweating. Our staff at Park-Klink Birkenwerder/Berlin offers both procedures.

However, a non-surgical treatment attempt should always precede a possible suction or excision of sweat glands. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a personal consultation. Our surgeons will review, explain in detail, and discuss your options regarding »hiperhydrosis« at Park-Klinik Birkenwerder/Berlin.

How is hyperhidrosis treated in Park Clinic Birkenwerder?

Hyperhidrosis is treated with the miraDry® method. A permanent solution against excessive underarm perspiration.

How does a treatment with miraDry® work?

The miraDry® procedure is fast, non-invasive and a permanent solution against excessive underarm perspiration. It does not involve cuts or surgical procedures and is performed on an outpatient basis. The method is based on the controlled application of microwaves.

The method is based on the controlled application of microwaves. The aim of the treatment is the thermal destruction of the sweat glands for permanent reduction of axillary sweat production. In order to be able to work with such high temperatures (60 ° C) without producing burns, the skin is fixed and cooled by means of negative pressure at the so-called Bio-Tip (head piece) during each individual treatment cycle (about 40 seconds). Thanks to a local anesthetic, the method is completely painless.

The area to be treated roughly corresponds to the extent of the axillary hair, so the patient should shave for the last time five days before the treatment. The hairlines are considered orientation. At the beginning, the skin is injected with a local anesthetic and a peel-off film is transferred to the underarm skin. Thus, each individual treatment point for the head piece (Bio-Tip) is determined exactly on the skin. Following a well-defined protocol, section by section is treated thermolytically. The resulting heat of over 60 ° C destroys the sweat glands and the continuous cooling system limits the heat zone to the area of the sweat glands. A session lasts about 60-90 minutes

Graphical representation of the miraDry treatment - Part 1
Graphical representation of the miraDry treatment - Part 2
Graphical representation of the miraDry treatment - Part 3

What happens after the treatment?

Possible side effects such as redness, bruises, pressure sensitivity, swelling or a slight feeling of numbness in the fingers soon fade away. The treated area should be cooled after a few hours, if necessary, a light painkiller can be taken. The everyday life is hardly affected, only sport and sauna should be omitted for a few days.

What are the costs of treatment with miraDry®?

The cost of sweat gland removal depends on the individual scope of service. Average prices can be found in our price list.

What treatment options are there as well?

Muscle-relaxing drugs are injected in small wheals without anesthesia under the skin in the armpit and block the control of the sweat glands by the nerves. The effect lasts about half to one year. There are no significant side effects. Since the drug is very expensive, this type of treatment is extremely expensive.

The surgical removal of the underarm skin is the most radical and thorough solution. The entire sweat gland-containing skin is removed and the resulting defect zigzag closed by moving the adjacent skin. This occasionally leads to disorders of wound healing, which can sometimes extend over weeks.

The suction of sweat glands is less radical. The risk that the sweat secretion is not completely prevented, however, is slightly greater. Two small cuts on both sides of the armpit are used to destroy the sweat glands with a special suction cannula and then additionally removed with a special instrument for curretage. Since half of the cells are in the skin, a renewed, but much lower sweat secretion is expected after half to one year. As long as the also destroyed nerve fibers need to recover.

What complications can occur with sweat gland suction?

If you just sweat sweat glands, the complications are less than their radical removal, in particular, the scars are barely visible. Sweat gland exudation can cause bruising and lymphatic drainage, requiring a puncture.

Who will pay for the treatment of hyperhidrosis?

The cost of sweat gland removal depends on the individual scope of service. Average prices can be found in our price list.

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