What about the assumption of costs by the health insurance companies?

01. März 2021

You can read a lot of contradictions on this topic on various pages that offer liposuction for lipedema.

The article linked here from the german medical magazine "Deutsches Ärzteblatt" provides a good summary of the current status on this topic. A study situation will apply until 2024 in which currently only those affected with stage 3 of the disease can have hope of reimbursement. Everything else is open until 2024 and is being examined.

It is all the more important that the procedure remains affordable for those affected and that as many as possible can be helped. Find out more here .

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News - Neustart: BEAULI-Academy mit frischem Konzept
03.04.2024 BEAULI

New start: BEAULI Academy with a fresh concept

After a short break, we are resuming our teaching program in a new format in the form of a BEAULI Academy.

News - Ergebnisse unserer BII Patientenbefragung bestätigen Forschungsergebnisse
12.03.2024 BII

Results from our BII patient survey confirm research results

Suspicion confirmed: silicone implants in connection with Breast Implant Illness.

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02. - 03.03.2024 TRAINING

Facelift & Eyelid Surgery: Practical Course with Charité Berlin

The perfect further training for specialists and practice owners: Practical surgical course: facelift & eyelid plastics

News - Lipödem - Die Chance auf einen politischen Durchbruch für eine wirksame Behandlung steigt!
04.07.2023 LIPOEDEMA

The chance of a political breakthrough for effective lipoedema treatment is increasing!

Political breakthrough for effective lipoedema treatment in sight! Study examines surgical vs. conservative therapy. Hope for reimbursement grows.

News - Lunch-Symposium bei MIPSS in Marbella
24.06.2023 SYMPOSIUM

Lunch symposium at MIPSS in Marbella

dr Klaus Ueberreiter presents long-term results of autologous fat transplantation

News - Interview auf Spotify mit Dr. med. Ursula Tanzella, in dem sie über die Verbindung von Zoom-Calls und Schönheitsoperationen spricht.
27.03.2023 INTERVIEW

Byebye big butts - is the era of cosmetic surgery over now?

Interview on Spotify with Dr. medical Ursula Tanzella, in which she talks about the connection between zoom calls and cosmetic surgery.

News - Interview mit Dr. med. Ursula Tanzella und Maria Popov beim neuen YouTube Talkformat @Funk @AufKlo
24.01.2023 INTERVIEW

The desire for aesthetic interventions among young people is increasing.

Interview with Dr. medical Ursula Tanzella and Maria Popov at the new YouTube talk format @Funk @AufKlo.

News - Dr. med. Tanzella zur Vorsitzenden der Weiterbildungskommission in Brandenburg gewählt
19.12.2022 EDUCATION

Dr. med. Tanzella was elected chair of the further education commission in Brandenburg

Since the middle of 2022, our chief physician, Dr. Tanzella, Chairwoman of the Further Education Commission in Brandenburg.

News - Wissenschaft , Wissenschaft, Wissenschaft
19.12.2022 SCIENCE

Wissenschaft, Wissenschaft, Wissenschaft

Ein erfolgreiches Jahr voller Wissenschaft geht zu Ende. Dieses wurde zudem noch gekrönt mit 6 Urkunden für ausgezeichnete Ärzte in der Fokus-Bestenliste.

News - 1 Jahr LipoKlinik Berlin
30.06.2022 CLINIC

1 year LipoKlinik Berlin

How quickly 1 year can pass when you do something you are passionate about. A year ago in May we founded our own in-house lipo clinic.

News - Auszeichnung als TOP Mediziner 2022 durch FOCUS Gesundheit
29.06.2022 AWARD

Renewed award as TOP physician 2022 by FOCUS Gesundheit

Dr med.Ursula Tanzella and Dr. med. Ueberreiter are happy about renewed recognition as TOP physicians 2022 by the magazine FOCUS Gesundheit

18. BEAULI™ Symposium hat nach zwei Jahren Pause wieder stattgefunden.
28.06.2022 CONGRESS

The 18th BEAULI™ Symposium took place again after a two-year break.

After a two-year break, our BEAULI™ Congress finally took place again! Doctors from all over the world traveled to us in Berlin/Birkenwerder

News - Hautstraffung durch Laser-Liposuktion
10.03.2022 LASER

Skin tightening by laser liposuction

From now on, all patients have the opportunity to combine their liposuction with a skin tightening procedure.

News - Lipödem Kongress
09.04.2021 Congress

Lipedema Congress - "Lipedema - Fate or Challenge?"

Live congress of the German Society for Lipedema Surgery DGfLC with participation of the LipoKlinik

News - Neue Literatur aus dem Jahr 2020
01.04.2021 Literature

New literature from 2020:

Interesting to browse, once from the patient's point of view and once from a doctor's point of view

News - Barbara Becker auf Youtube
15.03.2021 Experience report

The patient reports on her path to a new life on YouTube

Our patient Barbara Becker has impressively captured her very personal journey to a new life in several small films.

News - Lipödem Kostenübernahme durch Krankenkassen
01.03.2021 Health insurance

What about the assumption of costs by the health insurance companies?

You can read a lot of contradicting information on this topic on various pages that offer liposuction for lipedema.

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