How does a surgery work?


We support you to reveal the beauty of your face and enhance your individuality

The face is our business card. Over the face we make the first contact with our environment. Therefore, it is understandable that unwanted changes of the face due to aging processes or congenital malformations of patients are perceived as disturbing and the desire for an operative correction is expressed. Basically, all areas of the face can be corrected and rejuvenated. We work with you to improve the little things that you find disturbing, and to strengthen your individuality.

Die Park-Klinik Birkenwerder bietet folgende Gesichtsbehandlungen an:

Fachärzte der Park-Klinik

1. Think at home

1. Think at home

It usually takes several years from the first thought about a changing operation to the first consultation with a doctor. Scientific studies have put a mean value of 6 years, which elapses from the first thought of an operation to the appointment with the doctor who appears to be the best and most suitable for you in your situation. But how do you best find it? Nowadays there are almost inexhaustible possibilities to inform yourself in advance, to research, to cavort in forums or to look around on social media.

Often, however, there is more to be seen than appearance or competence. The best recommendation is the good experience of other patients who have already been treated or the recommendation of a specialist colleague. Competent doctors are well networked and are known to other doctors for their expertise. So trust the advice of your general practitioner or specialist if you have found out beforehand on the Internet. If time allows, make several consultation appointments and compare them. In the end, you know best who suits you and who you feel in good hands with.

2. You make an appointment

Frau mit Café und Laptop zu Hause auf dem Sofa

2. You make an appointment

In our house there are different ways of getting to your desired location at your desired date.

Basically you can choose between a first telephone contact / Skype / facetime including advice or a personal introduction. The telephone appointment / online appointment is very advantageous for our international patients or patients from other regions of Germany, because many things can often be clarified from the comfort of home, initial fears can be taken directly and specific therapy procedures can be clarified in detail. Many of our telephone patients come straight to the operating room next and are grateful that they were spared a trip.

Those who prefer to appear in person can choose from two different locations.

The first location is the Parkklinik Birkenwerder, a side wing of a historic, listed building in which Russian princesses stayed for cures around the turn of the century. The Parkklinik Birkenwerder is located in the north of Berlin, in the beautiful town of Birkenwerder, but is optimally connected to Berlin by S Bahn.

The second location is Park-Klinik Berlin, a practice set up by star architect Hanne Nalbach in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin.

3. You are at the consultation

Person die mit einem Handy telefoniert

3. You are at the consultation

Depending on your concern, you will be assigned to different days and times and to different colleagues from our team. You can of course express a doctor’s request directly in advance. You will then receive a non-binding, free and in any case detailed, comprehensive and technically sound advice.

Our philosophy of counseling is that we don’t just look at the physical findings, but consider you as a whole. This also includes the professional and social environment in which you move, because this gives us important information about when and how fit you should be and how you can be looked after during the time around the operation.

4. Would you like to be treated equally?

4. Would you like to be treated equally?

Sometimes patients, once they have found the doctor they trust and a safe and good atmosphere has emerged in the initial consultation, are wildly determined and would like to receive their treatment directly. This is also not a problem when treating facial wrinkles.

At both locations we are equipped in such a way that an aesthetic treatment with fillers or muscle-relaxing medication is possible at any time.

5. You make an appointment for the operation and come to prepare for the operation

5. You make an appointment for the operation and come to prepare for the operation

You got to know us either by phone or in person, you were given detailed advice and possibly also in a second appointment, possibly with a second colleague from our team or again by phone or email, in detail about everything important about your procedure. You have finally made an appointment for the operation and are now waiting for it to finally start.

Now we need your time to optimally prepare everything medically and organizationally important in advance and coordinate it with you. To do this, we ask you to prepare for an operation in the Park Clinic in Birkenwerder.

What happens there? Here is a small list:

  • Clarification of the administrative details including payment (a possible financing of the intervention by a bank or a financial service company must have already been carried out by you by this date. We will support you on request happy to be there).
  • Physical check-up, including obtaining blood values
  • Photo documentation
  • Adaptation of any compression clothing that may be necessary
  • Informative discussion with a specialist colleague, at the end of which, after clarification of all important detailed questions relating to the treatment, your signature is given under the surgical consent.

6. You don’t worry so much about the procedure but about the anesthesia?

6. You don’t worry so much about the procedure but about the anesthesia?

You are not alone with these thoughts, as many patients do. Because you are not sick, you consciously decide to have an intervention out of complete physical health. And with that you also decide to be put under anesthesia voluntarily. In order not to be alone with these thoughts and worries, we have set up an anesthetic consultation for you on the day of preparation for the operation.

This consultation hour is there so that you can calmly discuss all urgent questions with the anesthetist responsible for you. The advantage of this organization in our house is that we have a solid base of anesthetists who have been cooperating with us constantly for years. They all come from large companies and have many years of professional experience and expertise.

We will clarify which form of anesthesia is best for which procedure and whether your procedure can even be carried out under local anesthesia during the first conversation. In the anesthesia consultation on the day of preparation for the operation, your situation will be specifically addressed and aspects such as medication, allergies, risk factors, previous illnesses, previous experience with anesthesia, etc. will be specifically clarified.

7. You come to us for the procedure

Patienten Beratungsgespräch vor der OP

7. You come to us for the procedure

Let’s assume that you have decided on an operation that can be carried out on an outpatient basis, then after the preparation described above you will come to us on the day of the operation at the agreed time. Depending on the type of anesthesia discussed, you either appeared on an empty stomach or had a light breakfast.

The doctor’s assistants at reception will help you to double-check that all documents are complete and then bring you either to the waiting area on the lower floor of the building, to the ward or directly to the surgical preparation wing.

Sometimes it is necessary to make preparations that could not be made on the day of preparation for the operation, or you come to us directly at the clinic after a telephone consultation. Then everything described above must be done right before the operation.

If the procedure you have chosen requires an inpatient admission to our house, then you will in any case spend your waiting time until the procedure in your room, which will be your home for 2 days. The nurse will look after you and take care of you until you go to the operating room. In your room you have the option to lock your personal belongings and change your clothes. A WLAN is available to you during your entire stay.

8. Your stay with us

8. Your stay with us

Depending on the type of operation we performed on you, the type of anesthesia you received and how you feel after the operation, you will stay with us for a few hours, a day or two days. In the case of an outpatient procedure, you have the option of staying in the operating room from your arrival to your discharge and finally being discharged from the recovery room after a doctor has finally visited you and seen that you are doing really well .

If you stay with us for a day or two, you can relax in one of our beautiful rooms. There is a specialist nurse at your side 24 hours a day. We are in the fortunate position of having a permanent team of nurses since the clinic was founded, who are very familiar with all indications and their care. A doctor can be reached by phone 24 hours a day. In terms of organization, our clinic is affiliated with the Asklepios Clinic in the neighboring wing, so that an intensive care unit is available in the event of an absolute emergency.

If necessary, you will receive painkillers according to a fixed schedule. Visits and, if necessary, dressing changes take place daily. On the day of discharge or earlier if necessary, we will put on compression underwear.

You will also receive medication, a discharge letter and rules of conduct for at home on the last day. A follow-up appointment will be arranged with you directly.

8. And what happens afterwards?

Patienten Abschlussgespräch

8. And what happens afterwards?

We usually use self-dissolving threads that don’t need to be pulled. They simply stay in the body and are absorbed within weeks. We protect the seams with thin, skin-colored plasters, which in the best case should also remain in place for several weeks. They ensure that the wounds are largely sterile and are the best scar therapy there is.

If we use threads that have to be pulled (this is often the case with facial surgery), you will receive an appointment to have the thread pulled as soon as possible. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt.

Depending on the type of surgery you have received, you will be given a check-up appointment at one of our locations promptly, but no later than three weeks after your stay. The surgical wounds are checked and, if necessary, plasters are changed and / or sutures are removed, and sometimes staples are removed. The other appointments for the follow-up follow a specific schedule.

Depending on the type of procedure you have had, the end result can be seen after several weeks to months. Should minor corrections be necessary, these can be discussed and planned during this time if necessary. After completing the treatment, we will create a photo documentation.

Park-Klinik Fachärzte Team Park-Klinik Fachärzte Team

Dr. med. Ursula Tanzella and Dr. med. Klaus Ueberreiter would be pleased to advise you personally.

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