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NEW: Natural Aesthetics Berlin

Rykestraße 50, 10405 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
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Stadtsprechstunde Natural Aesthetics Berlin Rykestraße
Natural Aesthetics Berlin

Opening in May 2019

Our new location for the city briefing in Berlin is located on the ground floor of a beautiful listed building right on one of the most characteristic places in the beautiful Prenzlauer Berg in the immediate vicinity of the water tower and the legendary Kollwitzplatz.

It is already possible to arrange appointments for this location. Here you will be advised by the usual team of Park-Klinik Birkenwerder and, if desired, treated equally. If you would like to be one of the first patients at the new location, there is a surprise waiting for our “Early Birds”.

Natural Aesthetics Berlin Consultation

Specialist consultation

With Natural Aesthetics Berlin, we have found a place where we want to give a modern answer to the millennia of people’s longing for beauty and youth.

We wondered how we could fulfill the desire for youthful looks and radiant beauty to fit our present day. The result is Natural Aesthetics Berlin. A place where you get what you need right now to be what you want to be.

Natural Aesthetics Berlin - Fachärztliche Beratung

Natural Aesthetics Berlin - Ein kleiner Einblick

20 years of working together as a highly qualified specialist team has made us what we are today: experts in the field of Aesthetic, Plastic Surgery. Our belief that your body brings everything that makes you more beautiful and healthy has led us to develop a treatment portfolio based entirely on natural, endogenous or related substances.

So we have e.g. over decades of experience in the field of autologous fat transplantation. This assumes that we master and constantly refine the best techniques for liposuction. This has also made us experts in lipoedema surgery. We are also the international reference center for the replacement of diseased silicone with autologous fat; This is invaluable in times of Breast Implant Illness (BII).

Also in the female and male intimate surgery, which has increased more and more in recent years, there is a rethinking. Natural, body-derived substances can achieve amazing, beautiful results here. Our happy patients encourage us to continue along this path of naturalness.

But not only in the area of the body we rely on natural substances. We also look at the face with this, our philosophy of the possibility of self-boosting by the body’s own or body-related active ingredients, for example in the PRP lift, in needling or in the treatment of wrinkles with autologous fat, hyaluron or suture lift. Here we use only the very best, made in Germany products, which correspond in their composition of active ingredients of our Philisopohie of naturalness.

Natural Aesthetics Berlin

Dr. med. Ursula Tanzella
Dr. med. Klaus Ueberreiter

We, the specialists at Natural Aesthetics Berlin, listen to you in peace and work with you to find out what you need and want. Together we work out what is good for you.

Natural Aesthetics Berlin lets you shine again: always and everywhere!

If you would like a precise overview of our treatments, you will find valuable information on our .

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Range of services

Minimally Invasive Aesthetic

In the rooms of Natural Aesthetics Berlin you can get the usual advice on all treatments offered by us (face, chest, body, lipoedema and intimate surgery). In addition, you can also be treated in the practice rooms for the following minimally invasive therapies:



Treat fat without surgery? – Yes, by cryolipolysis!

It is a non-invasive method of treating local fat deposits with cold. This has been used for soft cooling of fatty tissue in the US for several years in the aesthetics and dermatology. More infos …

Muscle-relaxing substances

Put a blur on your face.

The treatment of mimic facial wrinkles with a muscle-relaxing drug is a common procedure in plastic surgery. The treatment is on an outpatient basis and is painless except for a slight burning or stinging during the injection.  More infos …

Gesicht Facelifting und Halsstraffung


Natural substances give your skin new volume

Hyaluron wrinkle injection is suitable for skin rejuvenation, tissue filling and volume build-up. By injecting into the wrinkles, hyaluronic acid raises the skin level to match the surrounding tissue. More Infos …

Gesicht Peeling

TCA Peeling

Your skin is boosted from the outside

Peeling uses a chemical solution to improve facial skin and smooth its structure. Thus, superficial scars and many signs of aging (e.g., wrinkles, age spots, and nipples) can be eliminated. More Infos …

Gesicht Needling


Small micropulsations rejuvenate the skin

Medical needling is a minimally invasive medical treatment to improve the structure of the skin. Medical Needling is a procedure without any side effects and is based on natural anti-aging – skin rejuvenation through the body’s own healing processes More Infos …


Autologous PRP plasma therapy

Regeneration of the skin through the power of your own blood

Autologous blood PRP plasma therapy is a natural method of biostimulating skin cells and reducing wrinkles. In the process, a highly concentrated plasma is obtained from the patient’s own blood and injected back into the skin. It is called “Platelet Rich Plasma” or PRP for short.  More Infos …

Thread lifting

Your face regains the resilience you desire

The thread lift is a face lift without risky surgery, a lift without a scalpel! Sunken and slack structures z. B. in the area of the cheek area, forehead and eyebrow, the neck and Dekolltébereich are raised by a thread lift and tightened.More Infos …

City representative office with clinic connection

As safe as in the hospital

Natural Aesthetics Berlin is a city representative of Park-Klinik Birkenwerder. Should you decide to undergo an intervention in our home, it will take place in the Park Clinic in Birkenwerder. The clinic in Birkenwerder is licensed in accordance with §30 GewO, is subject to the supervision of the health department and is managed strictly according to the valid quality standards.

On the grounds of the Asklepios Clinic, it offers the convenience of a private clinic and, at the same time, the security of a hospital. The park clinic has two modern operating theaters, own recovery room and 5 private rooms with a total of 8 beds. Our patients are provided around the clock by our highly trained team and enjoy the benefits of a treatment and aftercare in a private atmosphere.


Where you find us

Natural Aesthetics Berlin
Rykestraße 50
10405 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

030 403 671 59


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